Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Night Life

"Night Life"
Contemporary Palette Knife Acrylic

36" x 48"

Well, here it is! I blogged several weeks about switching from working with the transparent realistic floral watercolors to the abstracts. I had really been resisting this, even though I was being told how well my abstracts were liked. I'm not really all that sure why it is that I've resisted doing these, but I made the switch because a local gallery called and I new they were more interested in the abstracts. I am so happy that I was more or less forced to make the switch. I have enjoyed doing these soooooooooooo much!! and it seemed to happen so naturally.

Also, I believe changing mediums and styles has inspired me with so many new ideas. I'm thinking that I would like to continue working with the realistics watercolors, but also begin to work some realistics on abstract backgrounds. I have found that I really liked working on this large canvas and painting with a palette knife only was new to me. I'm ready to do many more!!

Well, if you've been following this blog this is the last of those canvas's that I had laid out on tables, and began working myself around the studio with. This was the largest (3' x 4') and it was actually on the easel. I saved it for last, because it was the bigggest and it scared me. Funny, how those big canvas's don't seem so big to me anymore! I don't really feel as if this photo really does it justice. I really love all the colors and it looks great on our living room wall!

I now feel like I am so ready to go out and buy some more large canvas's and paint,paint, paint!! Hopefully, I'll begin to get a few sales and start spreading the joy and love around.


Anonymous said...

your work is beautiful and inspiring. thank you!


elizabeth said...

Thank you!!

Elsie Flannigan said...

this is AMAZING!
i can't wait to see your paintings in real life.
gosh.. i'm so lucky.
love you.

elizabeth said...

Thank you, you so inspire me!
love you.

Denise said...

This is fantastic! Good luck following your dream. You are more than talented!

Mrs.Gobeil said...

Beautiful!! Is this piece for sale? I am an Art teacher in Canada and love your work and Elsie's work! You are both an inspiration! How long did you teach ART for? I love it but would love to leave it to pursue my own work!