Monday, February 16, 2009

Purely Organic

"Purely Organic"

Watercolor Collage

Matted and framed to 19" x 23"

This is another one of those earlier pieces I did when I was just playing around with watercolors and making stencils to paint around and in. It's also another one of those that I almost gave up and would have liked to have thrown it away! It began with the background and I really struggled with trying to make something of it. It was quite the challenge.

One day I was working with it and still trying to figure out what to do, when I noticed another little watercolor painting laying close by. I picked it up and began cutting by following the contours giving me these different shapes to work with. ( I think it may have been a flower?)
Then I began placing these various pieces on the background and just playing until something began to emerge that I believed worked and pulled it all together. Another happy accident!!?

Now, to be honest with you- I really never did like it all that much until others began telling me how much they liked it. Then it was kinda like- oh really. It has been a pretty popular piece. Just never really know!! My husband named it "Purely Organic".



so glad I found you

.. just stunning...

mona & the gaffer girls

The Indie Handmade Show said...

So happy to found you Elizabeth!
I love your art!