Monday, December 29, 2008

A Day For Daisies

Wow! Well it's been an eventful day. I got this watercolor painting done today. I usually work from my own photographs, but last week a blog friend sent me this up close photo, and wow- I loved working with it. I'm thinking the title will be "A Day for Daisies". I think they are daisies- What do you think? Any comments?!

An opportunity came up today to hang a show of my work here locally. I am so excited about this, and yet there is so much work to do in order to get ready. I will need to have 20-25 pieces ready to hang within a few weeks! About two thirds is ready-

So, back to work I go.....  SOLD


evan said...

this is beautiful... love the movement and the colors!

Rhonda said...

You seem to be able to work quickly and produce some amazing art. How long did this painting take you? It's beautiful!

Glad to hear about the show. Please post when and where it will be. If I can, I would love to come.


Nina said...

Oh that is great news!
I wish you all the best for the new year, especially a lot of painting, selling and lovely moments with your family!

shaina said...

elizabeth....this is INCREDIBLE!! i can't wait to tell my mom. :D

i think it turned out so great. :D i showed my husband the picture first and then your painting and he said: "thats uncanny!"
its an awesome likeness.
fantastic job.

Color Splashes said...

Evan,Nina,Rhonda, and Shaina,- thank you so much for the encouraging comments! Very much appreciated!

Rhonda, This one took me about six hours. I will post the information on the show soon. That is so sweet that you would want to come.