Sunday, December 28, 2008


Good Morning! Well, I spent yesterday cleaning my studio. At times it seems to help my mind to clean or reorganize something, sort of like a decluttering. Anyway, it did feel better to get in there and rearrange and throw some things away. It's really hard for me though. It's kind of like cleaning your closet, (that really needs it) I'm always telling myself I will use that someday, even though I haven't for years. I guess the closet is next. Perhaps it's the new year coming that is bringing on these feelings.

So, I thought it would be appropriate to post this small painting I did which I titled "Simplicity". This one just sort of seemed to just happen and flow. I felt as if I was working loosely and abstractly. It's a very simple painting that seems to have a big impact. I believe, the design element "Less is More" applies to this one. Maybe I can apply this to my closet!!

If anyone is interested, I just listed this one on e-bay last night, and can be found by running a search on my name-elizabeth chapman (paintings, watercolors, realistic,original, floral)


The Paper Lady said...

HI, I decided to look at your blog after reading Elsie's and I am delighted I did! Your paintings are amazing - fantastic even! I love seeing what you have created so far, and will check in now and then to see what other marvellous sights there may be...
Happy New Year from The Netherlands,

Color Splashes said...

Thank you so much!