Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It Takes A Village

I have received so much encouragement this week! It so easy to get down and discouraged especially when working on your own. Sometimes I can't believe I left a very good paying job to create art! Are you crazy or what?! and did you hear about the economy? When these times happen it always seems like the encouragers come out from sometimes the most unexpected places.
This last week from a student I now teach at home. It was as if the roles were reversed and she taught me. "You've got to do what you enjoy." My daughter who has found success in doing what she enjoys encouraged me with you've got to keep pushing through, keep working! My friend Dina who reminds me from time to time that she believes in what I'm doing. The occasional sale that occurs and then my wonderful husband. And most of all I thank God, creator and the master Artist. Thank you for encouraging!
And hey I got this watercolor painting done today- no title yet- you can see how it progressed from Saturday's blog.
Pretty excited about tonight we are going to a Jeremy Larson concert at the Randy Bacon studio in Springfield. I love his music! Perfect for the abstract painting.
I've started a new little shop with fun abstract paintings that I do. If your interested these can be found in my Etsy shop. I've been selling my flowers on E-bay. I need to get back to painting the abstracts on canvas, as well continuing with the watercolors. Maybe a new series with this flower. Any way my fun abstracts can be found on:
http://colorsplashes.etsy.com  SOLD

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