Friday, November 7, 2008

It's Friday?

It's Friday and I can't figure out where the week went to. I don't feel as if I spent much time creating art. I guess sometimes it's not how much time spent, but inspiration that really counts.
I took one of my paintings over to the Bellwether Gallery on Monday. It is a fairly large painting on gallery wrap canvas and acrylic paints. It's an abstract done with many layers of colors. Tonight is Friday Night Art Walk downtown.
I made a sell this week on Etsy! I had let my E-bay paintings run out when I got an e-mail asking me if I was going to relist any work. This always inspires me to more work! So- Thursday I painted a realistic floral "Pink Cluster" to go on E-bay, and this morning I finished up two abstract paintings to go on Etsy.
I'm posting the abstracts on here today.
Oh if you happen to be following me, which I'm thinking there isn't anybody so it really doesn't matter, but if you are I am only posting about once a week at this point. I will eventually be spending more time with this. Have a great week!

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