Monday, November 25, 2013

for fun

Recently, I got Elsie Larson from A Beautiful Mess, to take new pictures for my port folio. In particular, I really, really needed this for a featured artist article that will be coming out in January.  I am camera shy, so not the easiest person to photograph.  However, it was a wonderful mother and daughter time spent together and we managed to capture some "fun" shots with the dogs!

I'm out of the studio now and more in the kitchen mode mindset as in just a few more days we will be celebrating a Thanksgiving feast!  Although, still somewhat in the artist mode as I've been tossing around color ideas for a new painting.  AND,  a title...."Majesty"... this is kind of unusual as my hubbie titles my paintings and never do I come up with one before beginning.  Feeling inspired, so may just have to get up and paint some in the morning.  Sorry to say, I'm not very good at painting and cooking as I tend to get out there and forget about what is going on in the kitchen. Not good. So, will only start one.

Hope the photo's made you smile...have a wonderful week!

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Elizabeth Chapman
Contemporary Abstract Artist


Sue Marrazzo said...

These made me smile...ALL the best!

Elizabeth Chapman said...

Awe...thank you!