Friday, August 2, 2013


Acrylic on 8" x 8" x 3/4" wrap canvas


The garden is in full bloom!  Last night we picked much of what needed to come in before the next rains. Our kitchen counters are overflowing with tomatoes, squash, zucchini, cucumbers and green beans.  The green beans were blanched and frozen to be cooked up this next fall/winter.  Squashes have also been frozen for casseroles. We've been eating the cucumbers, marinated, in salads and cucumber sandwiches. Tomorrow we will be taking the tomatoes and cooking up a big pot of marinara sauce and meatballs.  We will enjoy a nice dinner together and freeze up the rest for later use.  

We've always planted and grown a garden, but so much of the time they fizzled out as summer progressed.  This year we have been taking it more seriously and really thinking about it as way to supplement our incomes.  There are so many other reasons though and it is something that we are enjoying. I'm thinking about how wonderful it will be this winter to be eating some of this produce and reminiscing summer's homegrown!

What has all of this got to do with this painting?..... Beauty is all around us and we can find and enjoy it in so many different ways.  Hopefully a small refraction can be seen in this painting.

Have a wonderful weekend! .....elizabeth

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Elizabeth Chapman
Contemporary Abstract Artist


Sue Marrazzo said...

The gold really caught my eyes!


Lovely painting, Elizabeth. This post brings back really good memories for me and I thank you.