Tuesday, June 11, 2013

it all works out.....


Mixed Media 19" x 20" on 156lb watercolor paper
Ready to be framed

May be purchased directly from my Web Gallery

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This was began before the wedding of our daughter Emma on Saturday.  I picked it up again to work on it the next evening and didn't really see the influence of that day until just know.  

It was truly the most beautiful day, EVER, which we were all so thankful for as it was an outdoor wedding.  Emma and Trey, along with their company of bridesmaids and groomsmen exchanged their vows on the dock on a pond.  A bright sunny day, yet not hot with a cool breeze in the air and everything green from all the rain we've been having.

I did take my camera with me but with all the business of the afternoon and keeping track of Penny, unfortunately I did not get a single picture taken.  I will have to get my pictures from Elsie and Emma's blog, A Beautiful Mess and will refer you there to Emma's Wedding where many photos will be posted as time progresses.

The dress was designed by Elsie and was an offwhite with gold trim.  Emma's colors for her reception where white and gold.  As you take a look at some of these wedding photos that will be posted, perhaps you might also see the colors and feelings of the day impressed into this painting.

The painting was begun with a gesturally drawing and watercolors on soaking wet watercolor paper.   Some cardboard I found sitting close by was used to pull out color creating textures and colors where allowed to mingle with the first layer.  My intention was for this one to totally just be a watercolor painting.  I worked many layers of color in between allowing the paper to thoroughly, dry in order to intensify the watercolor. 

The magic occurred with the last layer as I am on the phone!  Here I went in with Chinese White watercolor paint and later an acylic white scraping through to underlying layers and accenting with metallic gold.  In the background a light blue acrylic was overlayed with a few of the pinks further emphasized and we were there!

The title.  Well, kinda all goes along with the feel of this painting.  Just as I'm getting there...the phone rings and it's my mother.  Yes, I went ahead picked it up, but continued to paint as I'm talking to her...well actually as she is talking to me as she LOVES to talk. Her name is Maria Carolina, nicknamed Corina as a child.  I have always thought Carolina, (pronounced differently in Spanish) is a beautiful name.  The wedding was out in the country where she lives in a log cabin on the farm that we moved to when I was a child.  So, when it came time to title this one..well, you guessed it!

Funny, how it all works out!

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Elizabeth Chapman
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