Monday, May 27, 2013



Mixed media on 12"H x 15"W 140lb. watercolor paper

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Presently on a roll with these floral abstracts.  This gorgeous painting was inspired by the annual pick of Peonies from our backyard.  Ya, your probably wondering "where are the peonies"? Well, needless to say, I sort of got off track again....ok..way off track.  Anyway, we'll keep that a secret!

I began much the same way as I did with "Beaut."  The paper was first of all soaked with clear water and then taking Azo Gold and Magenta watercolor paint directly from the tube to a wide brush, I laid the brushstrokes down.  Colors where allowed to mingle as the paper was tilted.   While still wet, I quickly did a gesturally drawing of the Peonies with a brown watercolor pencil. Many of those lines where covered up as the painting progressed.  From here, there was a layering process that pretty much took the whole day as I allowed a layer to dry before working again.  The irridescent acrylic gold is a metallic paint that ordinarily doesn't photograph very well, but think it did quite well with this one.

Just having fun exploring and experimenting with splashes of watercolors/acrylic color!

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Elizabeth Chapman
Contemporary Abstract Artist


Julie Ford Oliver said...

Hi Elizabeth - love the the your work!


Elizabeth, This is beautiful!!

Elizabeth Chapman said...

Thank you both so much for your beautiful comments!