Saturday, May 25, 2013

just two...


Mixed media on 12" x 15" 140lb. watercolor paper

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Inspiration can come from so many different places.  I recognize it by something that sticks so strongly in my mind that there will be a desire to create an expression.  It can come from colors I've seen on a show, the way the light just happens to be hitting an object, smells and sights from places, memories, music, another artist's work, a walk through a mall, flower gardens....basically life in general!

In this case it was a bouquet of yellow roses that my daughters, Elsie and Emma had given me for my birthday.   But, it wasn't until a week later that the inspiration hit!  As I walked through the kitchen early one morning there were two roses that had fully blossomed and stood out from the other roses that had begun to wilt.  I snatched the two, filled a green bottle with water, cut and arranged them so they fit snugly together.

To the studio they be come my next floral abstract painting. They can be seen in the beginning stages of this instagram photo that I took.  Again, there was a gesturally drawing and a layering of colors much like the previous post of "Beaut".  This one has a richness created with newly purchased Azo Gold, Indian Yellow, Golden Green watercolors and Irridescent Gold acrylic background contrasted with the softness of the golden yellow roses with a dab of magenta.

Two roses together in a beautiful full bloom!

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Bren Thebeau said...

Brilliant use of colour, love the combos you create with. Beautiful piece

Sue Marrazzo said...

This is a winner!!!!!!

Elizabeth Chapman said...

Thanks! once again for your comments!!