Wednesday, May 22, 2013

a gesturally flow....


Mixed media (watercolor/acrylic) on 16"H x 12"W 140lb. watercolor paper

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My still life set up of the Irises that Penny and I picked last week were still sitting there on the table today.  Although, most of the flowers have now kinda gone towards the droopy side there were still a few lively ones.  As these were the inspiration for the last painting, thought I would give it another go!  

First of all I wet the paper down with clear water, then randomly added the back ground colors of magenta, yellow gold, green gold and a touch of cobalt blue. While wet, I picked up the block of paper and tilted it merging colors together. Next, I did a quick gesturally drawing using a brown watercolor pencil while the paper was still wet.  Green gold was used to fill in the stems. Left to dry at this point.

Second session.  Chinese white was used to emphasize, soften and create a subtle contrast between the pedals and the background.  Swirls were created with thick Azo yellow and later softened with a wet brush.  Acrylic pink was added to further enhance the magenta pink of the watercolors.
Left to dry again.

Third session.  Irredescent gold acrylic paint (a metallic) was used to create more depth with the swirly background.  Dipping my watercolor pencil in water I redrew, further darkening a few of the lines on the flower, also to create more depth. 

Lastly, it was photographed. I wish I would have remembered to have sign it.  Many times I will find a stronger compositional placement of my abstracts after I see the photographed image. That is why I do not sign them until I'm absolutely sure.  There was no doubt with this one.  Anyhow, it will be initialed MEC on the front and signed/dated on the back as I do all my paintings before they are shipped. 

A gesture drawing is one that is done rather quickly. It is more about capturing the feeling of the objects than an actual realistic depiction.  A loose drawing with a gesturally flow was used to create this floral abstract.  .....and a lot of fun it was!!!

A complete portfolio of available abstracts can be seen in my Web Gallery: HERE

Elizabeth Chapman
Contemporary Abstract Artist


Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth, this is a really beautiful painting!! I love also the colors you used! It was very interesting to read about your work process!

Lisa Rydin Erickson said...

Hi Elizabeth, I have always liked your paintings and this one really is such a lovely composition. A knitting of your abstract pieces with your florals. Thank you for sharing your process.

Elizabeth Chapman said...

Thanks for your comments! Glad you enjoy it!!!

Bren Thebeau said...

This is dreamy, so enjoy seeing/reading how you approach your work, love the lush blend of colours you used. Beautiful