Thursday, May 2, 2013



Acrylic on 24" x 36" x 1.5" wrap canvas

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the first stroke is the hardest....

It really is true.  For me just beginning a painting can be the most difficult part.  Perhaps it's because with each fresh start and blank canvas their are expectations of what I desire, which is often what I feel others will like that I have to get through.  Those first marks can help me to breakthrough and kick in the creative path leading me to the next idea, then the next and on and on. To see this paintings first marks click, here.  Each painting has it's own story to tell and it's important to listen and respond, building from each previous mark, layer, etc.,

It is exciting to have a work of art bring to mind a story as this one day did while working on it.  I will often times have cityscape like compositions come together, which is what I began seeing in this one.  Last summer, I had the opportunity to visit New York City with my daughters.  It was a short trip into Manhattan where they met with a book editor.  Being a visual person, I took in A LOT in those few short days and wondered how all this would express itself one day.

We arrived there at the end of June in what turned out to be their first hot, hot weekend, with daytime highs reaching 100.  Not so bad when your indoors in air conditioner, but for the most part we were outside walking everywhere, as most New Yorkers do.  It's a very busy, lively city with a distinctive sight of yellow taxi cabs and horns honking.  Lots and lots of people, busily moving and going places, quite the contrast to the Ozarks.  The sights, sounds and people brought back many fond memories of my child hood years in Caracas, Venezuela.  I must say...

Thank you New York!

can you see it?!....

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Elizabeth Chapman
Contemporary Abstract Artist


Anonymous said...

A very beautiful painting and amazing colors, Elizabeth!! I also like 'the work in progress' photo!!

Elizabeth Chapman said...

Thank You!