Saturday, April 6, 2013

ready to frame.....

Acrylic on 12" x 12" heavy (140lb) paper
Ready to be framed

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More purple.... passion with purple lately...   My intent last week was to paint some more heart paintings and well at least that was the initial inspiration, for with each attempt something else emerged along with the purple.  But hey, some beautiful paintings were created, Aureus being one.  Just gotta go with the flow...

The majority of all my paintings are on canvases.  When I first began five years ago, my paintings were nearly all on watercolor paper as watercolors was my preferred medium. (traditional transparent watercolor with some abstracts) The switch came for me as the cost of matting/framing and then storing/displaying these framed works was not profitable.  So, for the most part I got away from creating paintings that would need to be framed.  However, I recently was contacted by a follower of my work that stated that she loves my abstracts, but strangely enough does not like canvases.  Actually,  this helped me to realize that..yes, there are people who like to frame work.

So, with all that has actually brought back around a desire to work with watercolors on paper, Only, now with a different twist...why not water down the acrylics for more of watercolor effect and work with more mixed media.  However way, I am now out of the box of thinking that because I work on watercolor paper it needs to be the traditional transparent watercolor methods I was trained in.

And....I found a wonderful deal on 156lb. cold press Arches watercolor paper which is 51" wide on a 10 yard roll.  Not getting paid for this promotion, just passing it quality watercolor paper is expensive.  I purchased the roll through Jerry's Artarama, link HERE.  

That is ALOT of paper....excited about the "ready to frame" paintings to come!

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Elizabeth Chapman
Contemporary Abstract Artist

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