Wednesday, December 26, 2018

In Love

In Love
Acrylic on 40 x 40 canvas


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On the easel

In process

The top image is the actual painting in it's completion. The painting was created for a local venue, Marketplace Vineyard in Ozark Mo. in which I was asked if I would do some live painting for a Second Friday Night Art Walk. Of course. Painting live can be a distraction for me and so I began the painting at home where I could be more focused, sipped on wine while painting at the event (glass of wine on my palette) and finished out with the details later back home. A lovely evening!

Story behind the title. As so often happens to me, what turns out to be the strongest viewing placement will be the upside down from what I painted. Imagine picking it up, turning it upside down on the easel. Now look at it. That is the way I painted this one for the most part. I had reached a point where I really did not know what to do next and decided to leave it for it bit. This can often help give me a fresh perspective and the answer will be right there when you I get back. Another thing I will do is take a picture. Often times this can also help me to see what's next. In this case, I took several pics. I needed to be somewhere and I took off. Later, I opened up my phone camera and saw the image turned. It literally took my breath away, I gasped...and I was instantly, 'In Love!' 

The original painting is currently still available.

Prints available: HERE


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