Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Modern Abstract Painting "Peek-a-boo" by Elizabeth Chapman

Acrylic on 30" x 40" canvas


Prints of this painting are now available through my website: HERE

Email: elizabethchapmanart@gmail.com

I am really so behind with posting my paintings on this blog. I paint nearly everyday completing 1-2 large paintings/week. It seems as if I keep quite busy with life as well. Once a painting is completed there is the photographing, editing and then listing it on various sites. There is a lot of behind the scenes things taking place with being an artist. This seems to be the one site that gets neglected. When I first began painting back in 2009, blogging was all new to me and I was writing/posting nearly everyday! I'm going to try to do better, but for now...what do you think of this painting?

i had a lot of fun painting it!

If your interested in seeing a complete portfolio that would include paintings that I may have missed posting on this site, visit my website: HERE

Thanks for viewing! and if you've been following since 2009 an extra, extra...extra, thank you!!


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