Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Modern Abstract Painting "Mistral" by Elizabeth Chapman

Acrylic on 40" x 40" canvas, $2000

email me for more information: elizabethchapman@artlover.com

Includes continental US shipping

This beautiful painting was completed, photographed, edited and ready to list weeks ago. I just realized that I had not yet listed it on any of my sites.  How much time may have past before I began wondering why it wasn't selling and then realizing why?!  Lol. yep, don't think it would have gotten sold that way.

Trying something new here. I began this blog back in 2008 as I was beginning my new career as an artist.  Kinda fun to go back now and then to seeing all the changes. Through all these years I've never really settled on exactly what I wanted to do with a blog.  Should it be more personal? or perhaps more business like? or it could be used for teaching? or a combination of all these. And so, I did all these things.  In the beginning, I posted every day to presently more like once a week.

Now, here I am with yet one more change. But, it isn't as if it hasn't been done before. Guess I'm beginning to cycle through the various seasons of change. So, what now?  well...i've now decided to post prices and offer a way to purchase the loved painting through PayPal on this blog. For me, it makes it one more site that I have to remember to go back to and mark as sold preventing the possibility of a single work being sold twice.

Bottom line though, it's really more about the paintings and not about any thing that i have to say. Matisse once said, 'let the paintings speak for themselves' and I believe this to be true. 

Those that looking for art for their home or business may not know a lot about art, but they will know what they love when they see it. And isn't that what it's all about.

If you love what you see...buy it!

...and now you can

...right here!

Thanks to each of you that have continue with me through the years!  elizabeth

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