Thursday, June 2, 2016

just keep going

Acrylic on 40" x 40" canvas

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Surge is one of my newest paintings. I have chosen it to be in a local show for the Springfield Arts Council members' show at the Creamery Arts Center which begins with the Friday Night Art Walk through the month of June.  It is part of the "Hope Series" that I began this Spring.  I pretty much listened to the same CD as I worked myself through these paintings. Many of the titles came to me while working. This one is about moving on, keep going, pushing through wherever your at. My other intention was  for my composition to follow a "more is less" style or more minimalist. I feel like I have completed this series. Now what did I learn from it.

Well, in the end I found that as far as a series that stood out from the rest of my paintings there really wasn't anything much different.  Overall, my paintings have always been about uplifting the viewer creating a space in time in order to just be in the moment. Sorry, but I've been laughing at myself for thinking that I was going to create a unique series then to only find that it is what I do. 

I believe that I did maintain a "less is more" compositional style.  I had set it as a goal and was thinking about it more. My problem is that I see beauty in every mark, color, shape that is placed on the canvas. Well, obviously you can't keep everything as it will become confusing to the viewer. I've been told that I fall in love too quickly. Sometimes, sacrifices need to be made by covering large areas with sameness in order to showcase other areas.

I also learned, that it's all good.  Perhaps the series didn't exactly turned out the way that I envisioned it, but it was a motivator. I was inspired by the idea at the time and it got me interested and painting. ...and hey, a lot of new beautiful paintings were produced and I love each one of them! will too!!  

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Elizabeth Chapman
Modern Contemporary Abstract Artist

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