Friday, April 29, 2016

Modern Expressionistic Abstract Painting "Tempest" Original Art by Elizabeth Chapman

Acrylic on 40" x 48" canvas


For more information or to purchase this painting contact me:

As I previously posted, I painted three paintings in order to give a client the opportunity to choose the piece that best fitted her dream room. This one was the second one still using the same color  palette, but in a much bolder style.  The size of the canvas is a bit bigger than the standard 36" x 48" that I have always used. I had the 40" x 48" canvases custom made in order to have a bit more heigth  in what I thought might help for rooms with high ceilings. I found that I really like the extra few inches to paint on as well.  

My first large canvas was a 24" x 48"...looking back I remember how big and lost I felt. The more you paint on large canvases the more natural it becomes. It's like having a bigger playground to play on! Now, I find the large canvases to be SO much easier to work on than the small ones.  For now, I've got eight 40" x 40" that I'm going through with a series of paintings.  I will soon be re-ordering some more of these custom ordered 40" x 48" from Rupen, at canvas  Not getting paid to mention this business, I just have always loved working on these canvases. They are of good quality and the price is good. Shipping can be costly on the large, large and have found that a 50% sale at Michael's in my home town is a wonderful thing. (but need to have a large back end vehicle or a pick up truck in order to get them home)

Elizabeth Chapman
Modern Abstract Artist


Carol Flatt said...

Beautiful color and technique, Elizabeth. I love the fields of white setting off the color portions! Great job!

Sue Marrazzo said...

A WOW!!!
The colors look great!

Diane ~ said...

I agree with Sue... WOW!!!! your color palette and your bold strokes rock it! Not having seen the other paintings you are submitting for your client, I bet she takes this one!! :)
I would love to do larger canvases, but how does one ship them & where do you get the boxes to mail them??

Elizabeth Chapman said...

Once again, thank you Carol and Sue for your comments. Much appreciated. Diane, we buy large sheets of cardboard locally, make our own boxes and ship with FedEx. You can also UPS, drop your paintings off for them to package and ship. Thanks for your comment too!!