Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Modern Abstract Paintings on small canvases, "Precipice", "Mountain", "Longview" by Elizabeth Chapman

Acrylic on 10" x 10" canvas

Acrylic on 10" x 10" canvas

Acrylic on 10" x 10" canvas

All three of these paintings are currently available from my website, Etsy store or Zatista.

It can be a difficult task to get back to work after having been away for awhile.  We just got back from a wonderful family vacation with daughters from A Beautiful Mess, and son from dorenchapman.com.    
So how to get back in the creative mode...back to work.  Well, for starters...just go.  Don't feel as if you have to whip something up every time your in the studio.  There are a lot of other needed things that can be done when in the studio when your not painting.   Today, I begun by applying a light varnish to some paintings that were completed several weeks ago. (these have already been listed) I always photograph before applying varnish as it prevents having to work with any glares. I use a gloss varnish that is applied lightly as I don't care for a glossy finish.  

Thankfully, I had these three paintings that were finished and listed several weeks ago ready to be posted. They were painted together in several sessions layering and building up surface texture. They very much look as if they could go together as one piece, a triptych. I am really hoping that they will sell that way, but they could be purchased as separate pieces.

Now, to find what else needs to be done in here..... perhaps tomorrow back to painting or who knows, maybe today!

Elizabeth Chapman
Contemporary Abstract Artist

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