Sunday, August 9, 2015

Modern Expressionistic Abstract Painting "Opus" by Elizabeth Chapman

Acrylic on 30" x 40" wrap canvas

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Visit my website to see more of my bold, colorful and expressive abstract paintings: HERE

Fresh off the easel.  My paintings hang everywhere in our house. It use to just be one wall that we called the rotating wall because paintings would come and go as they found their homes.  Gradually, we began using other walls as a way to store them, plus we can also enjoy them. This one is currently in our living room and it has me thinking about rearranging the furniture. Kinda hoping it doesn't least for awhile! Loving the colors. Hints of fall. Rich.

Elizabeth Chapman
Contemporary Abstract Artist


Elizabeth Merchant said...

I almost missed 'Opus' as I was rushing through some last minute items before shutting it down for the day.

And this high-key abstract popped up on my screen - actually I did have to search a little bit.

'Double Mesa' is a really intriguing piece. I've bookmarked your site ... so I will stop by again.

Elizabeth Chapman said...

Thank you, Elizabeth, ...Hope that you do! One of my favorites!!