Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Modern Expressionistic Abstract Painting "Enchant" by Elizabeth Chapman

Acrylic on 36" x 48" wrap canvas


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This painting is another one from this summer in which I have been working on and refining a new painting technique. Will I continue with this and totally disregard previous ways . Certainly not, but more than likely it will be incorporated into my own.  It's good to experiment, try new things and make new discoveries.  All a part of the process.  Looking back upon my painting career, I can see that the element in which I most consistent with is in the way I begin, follow through and finish a painting.  There will be the initial spark or idea in which I am inspired. It can be a certain color scheme, something that caught my eye, a concept, a photograph, etc.,....the list is endless. This is what drives me to the canvas laying down those first marks in which the dialogue begins.  It can be the hardest step. From this point one idea will lead to the next, which will in turn lead to the next, then the next and next until there is a  feeling of completion. Sometimes I have to let go of previous ideas in order to push the painting forward.  That can be difficult as well.  The important thing is to allow yourself the freedom to paint outside the box.  It's all a play with color, values, shapes, lines and texture. What and how I choose to paint with may always vary!

Elizabeth Chapman
Contemporary Abstract Artist


Brenda Kay said...

Hi Elizabeth,
I love to follow your work, and I enjoy your paintings so much. This blog really resonates with me; I am also trying new things, and find the first stroke to be the toughest thing - well, right after getting into the studio at all. THAT is probably the toughest for me!
Anyway, I just want you to know that I look forward to seeing your paintings when they show up on my computer!

Elizabeth Chapman said...

Thank you Brenda, I guess I need to check my comments a bit more often, lol...I'm just now seeing this one and so have gone to your blog to leave a comment. Thanks for all the kind words!