Friday, July 31, 2015

Modern Expressionistic Abstract Blue Painting "Ingress" by Elizabeth Chapman

Acrylic on 30" x 40" x 1.5" canvas

Available from VerandasFine Art & Gift Gallery
Fair Haven, New Jersey

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What inspires you? The initial spark that sets a painting in motion, where does it come from? Well, ultimately it is from the Creator of all things. But, from our perspective, what is it?  With each painting, there is an inspiration behind it. This one came to be from a memory of an image I had seen before that so impressed me...that well it stuck. I have gone back to it on many an occasion to attempt the idea finding it to be harder than it appears. So, "what is it?" you ask...

Although, I have never been to I absolutely love viewing images of landscapes, seascapes and in particular the houses in Greece.  The white houses trimmed with blue windows and doors and the color of the ocean water with so many variations of blue. SO, beautiful. In particular, it's been the boldness of the houses that captured my interest. Much harder to paint than it appears. How can you just use blue and white? this is the closest I have come! 

Here's one inspired from that same idea from back in 2010,  "Merge" (click HERE)
Wow! I remember beginning that painting with the same concept of just using  blue and white. Probably an ultramarine blue. Found it to be harder than I thought and introduced other colors into it. I'm sorry the photography of it is not so good. It did turn out to be a beautiful painting in real and has since sold. This one was begun with an indigo blue which is the darkest that you see in this image, not black. I did absolutely love the contrast that it created right away, but still not enough. I pushed forward with more blues, but trying to keep it just that.

Where does your inspirations come from?

Elizabeth Chapman
Contemporary Abstract Artist

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Sue Marrazzo said...

lovely Blues!
NICE work.