Monday, February 16, 2015

Petite Landscape Abstract Painting "Vista" by Elizabeth Chapman

Acrylic on 8" x 8" canvas


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"Vista" may also be purchased from my website: HERE 

Presently working on a large 30" x 40" canvas painting inspired by my recent trip to the Sunshine State, Florida! As I'm working on resolving it, taking a break to post this small abstract.  Thinking on how these little ones can take as long or longer to paint than a large abstract.  Someone recently made the comment to me that it's not about the size but about concept. Had to think on that one for a while. I believe there's a lot of truth there. Each painting is unique and has to be brought to that place where it feels right. I have often found that reproducing one of  my own paintings is really not that hard for me. The struggle that was once there in bringing it all together has already been done.  I know what colors I mixed, layers, textures, even music that I played to create that piece and can pretty much paint it again. Easy enough. It's not about size but in being true to each paintings direction.  As I'm looking at "Vista" I can see brushstrokes that begun the painting, and later worked over with a palette knife.

Elizabeth Chapman
Contemporary Abstract Artist

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