Saturday, November 1, 2014

First Place in the October 2014 Abstract Art Artist Showdown "BotanIc" by Elizabeth Chapman

Acrylic on 21"H x 20" heavy watercolor paper
Ready to frame


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I painted this abstract back in the summer just as I had moved back into my downstairs studio.  I posted about struggling with the move back to my downstairs studio, here.  Lol, I'm still adjusting.  My husband has recently built shelves to get all the paint jars off the big table and we're working on better lighting.  I paint on an easel and a table.  I begin on an easel, but as I become more focused on the painting I will place it on a table were I can turn and work on it from all sides easily.  Having all the jars put up where the canvas can't bump into them and my not having to be moving them as I paint, will help immensely with the large canvases. 

Lighting has been an other problem as this is a basement room with one small window.  The room was painted white to help brighten it and we replaced the fan/light fixture with my track light fixture from  the upstairs studio.  I love being able to spotlight paintings with these.  Still it's not enough.  I had grown accustomed to working in a well lit natural light room for almost four years supplemented with overhead fluorescent lighting.  I purchased some spotlights on adjustable stands, but still not enough.  My biggest problem has been in dealing with my own shadows.  I have one spot on the table, where if I'm turned just right and don't move....well, that's not going to work. Have you seen all the movement in my abstracts?  It's been very frustrating working with shadows on the canvas and of course, the more I think about it...the more frustrated I become.  We are going to put the overhead fluorescents back in.  There not so pretty on the ceiling, but I'll take it.  There, just vented my studio frustrations! thanks for reading.  Every one has them...just a matter of working through them. Soon this studio will soon become home!

Through it all...this beautiful painting and many others were created.  On a whim, I entered it recently in an abstract art contest with CFAI for the month of October, and it won.  First Place!!  Two other gorgeous abstracts will also be spotlighted for October...check them out too.  Here is the link: Click Here


Elizabeth Chapman
Contemporary Abstract Artist

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Bren Graham Thebeau said...

I just love this piece, it vibrates with life! I so get the lighting issues. I only work during the day because I've not solved the lighting issues once I loose the sunlight!