Friday, July 18, 2014

Abstract Painting "Botanic" Original Contemporary Art by Elizabeth Chapman

Acrylic on 21"H x 20"W heavy paper

Ready to frame


New beginnings.  Finally, feel like I've gotten my studio back and am in the process of establishing a work schedule. Excited to be sharing two of those new paintings from this last week with you soon.  This painting was among those completed recently, but begun awhile back.  I found it as we were moving paintings around for storage last weekend.  New exactly what it needed the minute I saw it. Perspective.  Sometimes, getting away from a work for a few hours or days can help give a fresh new view to your work.  In this case, it's been over a year since I tucked this one between two sheets of cardboard and forgot about it.

The solution was simply a matter of contrast, which I easily resolved by adding some white/creams to outer parts. This brought the focal point and attention to all those beautiful colors in the center.  Layers of acrylic paint have also created an attractive surface texture.  Lastly, I  photographed and listed it.  Now available for purchase from my web gallery.  It will need to be matted and framed.  A more contemporary look might be to float mount the artwork.


Elizabeth Chapman
Contemporary Abstract Artist

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