Tuesday, May 20, 2014

making art from junk.

Acrylic on 4" x 6" paper

A friend of mine remarked to me yesterday as to how much I've been producing since moving into the new studio.  I laughed! Then explained to her that these mini's where all painted several months ago, but never posted until now.  I am painting again..somewhat….but honestly procrastinating big time.  I'm probably just using the new studio as an excuse.  Truth being, big time creative block that I am working through.  

Yesterday, I agreed to go with some artist friends to a junk yard in a near by town. One friend is a photographer and the other one takes all kinds of junk and creates the most beautiful 3-D pieces. I was totally out of my realm. I arrived there with my camera, looked around and thinking "OKAY, what do I do?" 

Soon, I was busy taking photos and having the most wonderful time.  The challenge was in thinking of all this junk as lines, shapes, values and textures that just needed to be formatted into a design.  Looking through my viewfinder I made arrangements.  I even made a game out of it…rule being that you couldn't move anything.  These are just a few of some of my favorite shots.  

Elizabeth Chapman
Contemporary Abstract Artist

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