Tuesday, April 22, 2014

abstract expressionism...intuitive and spontaneous.

Acrylic on 40" x 40" x 1.5" wrap canvas


Just added this one to my web gallery store and have gone through and added all the PayPal buttons back, so that buyers who are ready and prefer making a direct purchase are able to quickly do so.  Whether or not to list your prices on line has always been a dilemma among artist for various reasons.  One being that prices can vary from an artist's asking price depending on the sites that you list on and commission fees that can range anywhere from 5% percent to 50%.  There is also more flexibility when working with multiple purchases, repeat buyers, shipping, etc.,  In the end, decided to go back with listing the prices for all my paintings. I do always, love hearing from those who would rather email me for more information before making a decision on a purchase.  This type of interaction can only happen when your working independently as your own promoter.  I have tended to stay away from any sites that require exclusiveness, as it ties up those paintings and they then can only be sold by that particular gallery. However, I recently decided to work with another gallery offering three paintings to be exclusively sold by Davis&Co,  in Houston, Texas.  Selling your own work is an art in itself with similarities much  like the creative process. You's got to be willing to try new ways, change it up and most of all believe.

Linked it above, but again... available paintings can be viewed and purchased: HERE

Elizabeth Chapman
Contemporary Abstract Artist

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