Monday, January 13, 2014

Day THIRTEEN… "Sisters"

Acrylic on 9" x 9" heavy watercolor paper


Day Thirteen…did you notice? ah yes, I skipped a few days and took a little break over the weekend from posting.  I did work on two large paintings and a couple of small figuratives.  I'm really pretty excited and inspired with working on these paintings.   These sisters are my two daughters!  I needed some more photographs for my figurative paintings and thought to look on their blog, A Beautiful Mess.  Snagged four of them to work on this week. This one is the first.  I'm sure they'll find out just as soon as they check to see what I've been doing. Hopefully, I don't get into too much trouble. kidding.

This one was worked through with acrylic paints on 156lb. Arches watercolor paper.  The paper was soaked, then I used a Sketch Wash pencil and gesturally drew the figures in.  Painting began with a brush and I basically kept the same gesturally type of flow going, only with paint. It was a back and forth process between the figures and the background.  At some point, I switched over to using a palette knife.  The surface of the painting has a lot of texture.  I am immensely enjoying this new process of working with the figures.  So glad I decided to take up the "30 paintings in 30 days challenge" as it pushed me to try something new.  I love the looseness that my abstract background brings in working with these figures.


Elizabeth Chapman
Contemporary Abstract Artist


Julie Ford Oliver said...

You should be proud of this one - I think it is fabulous.
How nice to paint your daughters.

Sue Marrazzo said...

Very sweet.

Elsie said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!

Elizabeth Chapman said...

Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm ABM follower.. stopped by.. love this! It's clean it's Emma and Elsie! Beautiful!