Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Acrylic on 15"H x 23"W heavy watercolor paper
Ready to frame, $300
Available: HERE

Day 8 of the "30 paintings in 30 days" .  This one was painted on heavy watercolor paper.  It is off of a roll of 156lb Arches watercolor paper that I purchased last year.  Cutting the paper off the roll is difficult as it continues to curl up on me.  Smaller pieces aren't so bad, but the larger ones have a tendency to curl up. Once cut, I will place the large piece in the bath tub and soak with water.  This flattens it out.  I then lay the paper on my studio table and the first strokes of lines/colors are placed.  I always love this first step as it is like a new adventure in not knowing where your going to be taken.

I'll be starting another one of these today along with working on a few others.  Because I am beginning on wet paper, I can only take it so far and then have to allow it time to dry.  This gives me perspective time.  I work intuitively, whether it is a piece in which I work on for hours at a time or a slower one in which it is covered in steps as in this type.  Often times when I come back I will see the next idea to work with which then leads to the next.  The wonderful thing about working on paper is that composition can be adjusted by cropping. In the end this one had about seven inches on the right side that continued on with the darks. I was bothered by it but found that by cropping I could create the right  amount of tension with out having to resolve it with painting.

If your interested in this piece it can be purchased directly from my Web Gallery via PayPal or by contacting me:


Elizabeth Chapman
Contemporary Abstract Artist


Sue Marrazzo said...

Thanks for sharing...GREAT Colors!

Susan said...

Feel free to post your painting on the Pinterest Board "Leslie Saeta 30 in 30 Challenge.

Karen Knutson said...

I love this abstract painting, Elizabeth. I pain mainly abstracts, too, but with this 30 in 30, my series is birds, so I'm abstracting them as much as I can. GREAT COLORS!!!!

Elizabeth Chapman said...

Good to hear you all have enjoyed this abstract. Thanks!