Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Acrylic on 9" x 11" heavy watercolor paper,
Ready to be framed


take a break today and reflect on all that you can be thankful for....

It just worked out!  The original idea was for this one to be a vertical with itsy bitsy shapes of color playing the center stage.  It grew from there and similar but larger shapes were added to the sides. Love working with blue and orange complementary colors.  It turned out to be a much stronger composition as a horizontal and I could see....

Small buildings/houses on the edge of a sea, reflecting their shapes and colors into the water. 

What do you see?


Elizabeth Chapman
Contemporary Abstract Artist

email: elizabethchapman@artlover.com


Lorelei ♥ said...

it's beautiful! I looks like a little colourful city with a lot of wide and open landscape around. The colours, the shapes everything is one and that is why i love it :)

Greetings from Germany, Lorelei.


Sea Dean said...

I absolutely love this piece. I would like to see it huge. Wish I could afford one of your paintings.

Elizabeth Chapman said...

Lorelei. I can see it as an open landscape around a colorful little city, too. Thanks for your interpretation!!

Sea...your right, it should be made into a large painting. Thank you for your kind comment. LOVE your work too!!