Wednesday, July 24, 2013

a wonderful surprise....

Mixed Media on 9" x 11" heavy watercolor paper
Ready to be framed


A total surprise as I opened my email and saw that this painting had sold.  It had just been listed to my WEB GALLERY the night before.  This is where I always place my work first.  Once it has been photographed, a title has been chosen and a price decided then it is ready.  There are some days I may place more than one painting in my online gallery.  From there I will choose paintings to use as blog post and list on other various sites.  This one never had that opportunity!

I was able to package and ship on that same day.  I then contacted Liz to let her know what a surprise and notify her that "Entree" was on it's way along with her tracking number.  Later, I received a reply that she's always watching for my work, saw this one, it spoke to her and click...she bought it!  (she is one of those who have opted to join the email list and be notified of new work) Liz is one of my repeat collectors in which I am very thankful and appreciative, as well as all of you who have purchased or simply enjoyed viewing the work online.

Many times I do hear back from the buyer in which they might describe to me where the abstract has been hung, what it has meant to them, how much better in real it appears...and sometimes even pics are sent.  I often think about many of the paintings that have sold in the past and the homes that they have gone to, where they are hanging, who might be viewing them, etc.,   It brings me much joy knowing that my work is being used as a blessing to others.  All glory and praise to God.

Elizabeth Chapman
Contemporary Abstract Artist


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Lorelei ♥ said...

I love how the blues work together.
You really know how to use colours to create beaty!
Loving it!

Greetings, Lorelei.