Saturday, October 13, 2012

"Mini Series 2012-01" ORIGINAL Contemporary Abstract Painting by Elizabeth Chapman

'Mini Series 2012-01"
Acrylic on 6" x 5" 140lb. paper


Small, small..... another series has begun....the smallest yet.  This week I painted a series of small 5"x 6" abstracts and will post beginning with the first 2012-01 painting. 

You may also visit my website and under the 'mini mini" category the first twelve of these can be seen.

Elizabeth Chapman
Contemporary Abstract Painting


Jane Robinson said...

Love your work. I find it hard to create small works so really appreciate this piece.

Mary said...

Every time I visit I turn a little green with envy...I so want to be able to paint like this!


Elizabeth Chapman said...

Hi Jane...totally understand, the small ones can be just as difficult if not more....sometimes I think it's much easier with a larger playing ground!

Mary, almost cried when I read your comment...your work is so inspirational and beautiful!!