Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Match Play, ORIGINAL "mini series" Contemporary Abstract Painting by Missouri Artist Elizabeth Chapman

'Match Play'
Acrylic on 8" x 8" x 3/4" canvas

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"o.k., so what does this remind you of?"... I can paint, but then when it comes to titles it can take me forever.  I am often asked how I come up with my wonderful titles.  Well, I don't mind confessing at all that it is my wordy husband and he can pretty much do it instantly.  Now and then he will grow impatient with me and will say, "o.k. what does it remind you of?"  and I will usually respond with "I don't know, I'm paying attention to colors, shapes, etc"  But, this one reminded me of my dad who was an avid golf player, thus the title "Match Play"!

By the way if your interested, I've been posting these on a site called Daily Paintworks with a beginning auction price of $50....sold "Fractal" yesterday. thank you!!  I'm calling these my "mini" series and I think they could be collected making a wonderful wall display.

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Elizabeth Chapman
Contemporary Abstract Artist

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