Sunday, July 10, 2011

Adela, Modern Art, Contemporary Expressionistic Abstract Painting, Original, Elizabeth Chapman

Acrylic on 24" x 36" x 1.5"

Most photographed painting ever ........ This one has gone through many stages this week.  I often photograph when I'm at a point where I feel the painting is completed.  There is something about seeing the image on  a flat screen that helps to see it differently and confirm my decision.  But this one, even with the final version, I had to continue to photograph to get just the right amount of light.  There are metallic golds and coppers in it, which could have contributed to the difficulty in photographing it.  Kind of ironic because as I was in the last stages with this work, it was my desire that the painting would speak about the light overtaking the darkness.  This last picture is very close to the original painting. Click on image to get a closer look at the metallics and textures.

What does it remind me of? What was I thinking as I was painting this one?  These are questions I often get asked by Donnie, who I call "title man", my husband who titles nearly everyone of the paintings. Well, that also went through many stages and this one actually got titled before it was completed. In the end it reminds me of Christmas ........ and I know that is a little strange as this is July and there are heat advisories of 100 plus degree weather here. As I was finishing up, I thought of this painting as a story that was being told ...... the light of angels from above rejoicing and singing. 

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