Saturday, June 11, 2011

Truelove, Heart Series Abstract Painting, Original, Elizabeth Chapman

Acrylic on 16" x 20" x 3/4" canvas

Truelove is a continuation of the heart series that I began a few years ago.  It began with a couple of heart paintings for a local fundraiser, "Heart for the Arts" here in Springfield, Mo.  I so enjoyed painting these that I decided I would continue the series (these can be seen in the Archives). Well, somewhere along the line I forgot them.  I had actually been thinking about them again as I was reading a book "Recover Your Good Heart" by Jim Robbins.  Well, it wasn't until here recently when I had an inquiry about the hearts that I realized it's time to paint these again. Thank you, Natalie! So, I painted this heart in response to that inquiry and have opened up a heart category (there's only one heart so far!) again in my web gallery. If you haven't visited my web gallery in a while (or maybe never have) I invite you to do that, as I have made changes over the last few weeks.   

It is my goal to begin adding a new heart to this series as a weekend post. We'll see.... there is so much that can be and has been written about love. That is what I think of when I see a heart. It speaks differently to the heart of each person. As an abstract painter I am seeking and searching for that moment when a work shows me there is beauty here. This is a beauty that reveals the glory of God. 
A reflection. God is love and it is through him that all that is true, beautiful and good is seen.  

This particular heart makes me think of the intertwining of two hearts as they become one. Perhaps it's because of the marriage of our oldest daughter Elsie, that I've been thinking about this lately. As I witnessed the exchanging of their vows and the commitment in their hearts that they were making for each other on their wedding day, I thought of how beautiful and happy they were together. 
Truelove will watch over them, take care of them and will grow over the years to come. 


Bren said...

Glorious piece Elizabeth, this is a great addition to your other hearts pieces. I'll have to check out the changes in your website.
I enjoyed the book you are currently reading, love the perspective he brings to things.

Elizabeth Chapman said...

Thanks, Bren!

Mary said...

Elizabeth this is beautiful! I cannot seem to get away from painting hearts myself!!

Elizabeth Chapman said...

Thank, Mary!