Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fraction, Modern Abstract Painting, Original, local events, Springfield, Missouri... Elizabeth Chapman

Acrylic on 12" x 12" x 7/8"

Available by contacting me: elizabeth 
or from my website: here


Busy, busy, busy this week as I am working with some local events here in Springfield, Mo.  It began last  Friday night with the Springfield Arts Council Members show where I entered "Quantum" this year and then I spent several hours at Obelisk Home where my work is represented locally.  Thursday night I am going to be doing a palette knife painting demonstration for the Flights of Fancy Celebration at the Springfield/Branson airport.  Being my second year to do this I'm feeling a little less apprehensive than last year.  I chose to do a palette knife painting because this way I can work straight from the tubes to the palette knife, mixing on the canvas and using a towel to wipe my knife with no water needed.  This event involves many of the local performing arts coming together.  Last year a painting titled "Fancy Flight" emerged from this event.  Lastly this week, there will be an opening reception that we will attend on Friday night for Art for Haiti and the event will be continuing throughout the month of June.  

A few years ago I began posting and blogging my new adventure in pursuing this journey of not only creating art but learning the business aspects as well.  I was very much inspired by the success  my daughter Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess was having with her online business.  So, I spent my whole first summer learning all the technical stuff in order to being able to create my own online presence.  Yes, truly it took a little longer than usual to become tech savy but you see and I really hate to admit this, it was an age thing for me (I'm from the generation of writing letters to each I began to realize that in spending so much time on line I was overlooking the area in which I live.  I was beginning to understand that being involved in my community is also an important part of being an artist.  We are all placed in our local communities  for a reason.  For me some of those reasons are to give back, to share, to establish relationships and just my feeling of fulfillment. I also enjoy very much being involved in the much larger community of the world we live in on the internet.  Just a matter of striking a balance!

This little abstract painting was created about the same time as I was finishing up "Adora", see a couple of post back and so there is a similarity in the color palette.  It is an older painting that I have revisited.  
I do really love it.........and hope you enjoy it too!

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