Friday, June 24, 2011

Shades of Love, Original Abstract Heart Painting, Elizabeth Chapman

'Shades of Love'
Acrylic on 11" x 14" canvas

Heart Series, click here to purchase
or contact me: Elizabeth

Peace, Love and I posted several weeks ago, I began painting the heart abstract paintings again after an inquiry I received from my web gallery.  This person had gone through my archive (a portfolio of my sold work) and had found these heart paintings. They had spoken so much 
to her.  She told me as a child she had always loved heart paintings in which the hearts were hidden.  
It was such a sweet email that touched my heart and spoke to me about the need to continue these.

So, I made this goal that I would paint one per week. Let's see, by next Valentine's Day there will be
.......... I'll let you do the math.  Maybe more than anything else is how they are speaking to me.  
I now look forward to this special time of creating a new heart and seeing what it has to say!  
Just something about a heart that speaks shades of love.   XO Elizabeth

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Bren said...

Another beauty, the heart is such a powerful image and you are creating a beautiful series with them.
Love that going to the concert resulted in lots of creative ideas, talk about getting the full measure from that ticket :-)