Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Song, Contemporary Abstract Painting, by Elizabeth Chapman

"New Song"
Acrylic on 18" x 24" x 3/4" canvas
Available for purchase from my web site, here
Contact: Elizabeth

Painting titles are often times the most difficult part for me to decide on when completing a work.  My husband is the one who works with me on this.  He will ask me something like what was I thinking  or what does this painting remind you of in order to gather some of my insights.  Out of my responses, which can be rather lengthy, he will pick out one word....and there it is the perfect title. I am always so impressed because I could  be working for days just coming up with a simple title.   

But....this title "New Song" is mine.  Creative blocks happen for a lot of different reasons, so I've heard.  Lately, I've been there.  It kinda feels like you've lost your ability to create.  One theory I've heard that it is a normal process needed in order to proceed to another level.  Another one is that creativity needs time to rest.  I've had these before and so I've learned to slow down and wait.  Just don't stop or give up.  

This time....I just decided I wanted to have fun!! and play!!  With this painting I believe I've learned that it's all to easy to become too serious and lose the joy in painting.  The title came to my mind as I thought about how God's mercies are new each day and how he puts a new song or a fresh look in our hearts.

Sing a new song to the Lord!   Psalm 96:1


Bren said...

I so agree with you on giving a painting a title, you and your hubby make a good team. This piece is a break away from your usual, but still with your flare for rich colours and interesting shapes worked into the composition. Love it, and when it's not fun, creativity begins to dry up, so play is part of keeping it all going :-)

Carol Engles said...

I love this, Elizabeth - the circles and the colors!


Elizabeth, it's different but I like it . . .