Sunday, March 6, 2011

Golden Centre, Modern Contemporary, Geometric, Original, Abstract Painting, Elizabeth Chapman

'Golden Centre'
'Acrylic on 36" x 36 x 1.5" gallery canvas

I've been experimenting lately with mixing and painting with neutrals and beginning the abstracts with a sketch taken from small thumbnail designs that I've done.  Do I always stick with this preliminary plan....mostly not...but it is a place to begin.   Decided to add color which turned out to be a little harder than it appears in finding a balance.

I had my little helper working with me on this painting!  That is our 14 month grand daughter who is currently living with us.  If you click on the painting for a larger view you will see her work on the bottom right hand corner.  I sat her down with a crayons, markers and paper to play, which I knew would buy me at least 20 minutes while I textured the canvas and laid in a basic structure.  It was the cutest thing ever when after her attention span with the crayons had ended she proceeded to imitate me with her orange marker on the canvas and even created some texture.  And's the cutest part.......she was sooooo proud of her self.  She would continually go back to show others her work.

I just could not bring myself to cover this up....and it has been incorporated into the design.  I will lastly place my initials here before sealing it.  Thank goodness I'm into abstracts!!!


Sheila said...

Oh my goodness, is your beautiful grandbaby 14 months already!? Where does the time go!

I love this piece. It sings to me.

Bren said...

You got to love it, an artist in the making :-) She is so sweet, look at those big eyes full of wonder.
I try to do the same thing, make thumbnails of design concepts and then pray I can make it all work! This is a beautiful piece and boy to I understand the fight to know just what colour to use where. Enjoyed the post