Monday, October 11, 2010

'New Growth'

"New Growth"

Acrylic on 24" x 48" x 1.5" gallery canvas
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I usually like to leave the interpreting of my abstracts to the viewer, allowing a personal response.  This painting was completed in several more sessions than I ordinarily take.  In the first phase of it I saw a tree beginning to emerge and it was at this point that I felt it was completed.  Yet... the more I looked at it  I just wasn't totally satisfied.  It was at the point of needing to take a risk that would either make it or it would  become something else.  Either way... you've got to believe it will work and take the plunge.
That was when I went back into the painting with layering and before I knew it I was into the circles.

Life is always in a state of growing.  Sometimes there are stages of what seem like no growth, but those are needed into for the new growth to occur.  Being an artist is a lot like that as well.  It can be frustrating when you hit those times where it feels like nothing is happening.  I was there recently.  In fact, I felt like   I had lost my creativity and was finished with painting.  I am encouraged from what I hear from this painting.  It speaks to me about being patient, listening, abiding and believing that the Creator of creativity is always at work.  This creativity like a circle has no end.

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