Tuesday, October 27, 2009

'Grow' Contemporary Abstract Painting by Elizabeth Chapman


Acrylic on 8" x 8" canvas panel
Palette knife painting

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I am painting on these smaller canvas panels for my daily paintings in order to stre......tch my supplies and I can also offer VERY reasonably priced fine art to those who like and would like to purchase a small work.  I am continuing to work on the larger canvases and these will be posted on my blog from time to time and will be accessible for purchase through my web gallery.

Lately, I've taken a step back to evaluate what I am doing, what to continue and so forth.  The colorful floral abstracts are definitely an area I would like to continue to explore.  I would also like to continue the large abstract expressionistic paintings, as well as more palette knife paintings.   So stay tuned..... and I hope you enjoy!!

Daily Abstract Painter
Women Artist of the Midwest


Manon Doyle said...

Lovely piece Elizabeth!
I've also changed things up! I got a new website and decided to drop the pet portraits. I think I'll be focusing on the women paintings.

I love the palette knife paintings.The texture is amazing!! I'm all about texture!!

Color Splashes said...

Thank you, Manon- good to hear that others go through changing things up. I'm also very much about texture.... and I love your women portraits!

Sheila said...

this was powerful even in it's thumbnail size. I love it!