Friday, September 25, 2009

"Flamboyant" Abstract Expressionistic Painting by Elizabeth Chapman


Abstract Expressionism
Acrylic on 12" x 12" canvas panel

I'm going to be writing about my response of a review that was written about my work.  So, before you read any further you might want to first read what was written in the London Art Girl by clicking here.

I just couldn't help but chuckle when I read this and if you know me you probably chuckled as well.  Never have I thought of myself as a rebel!!  I'm shy and quiet.  I found it interesting that my work is viewed as breaking the rules.  My daughter Elsie, A Beautiful Mess, who previously worked doing layouts for several scrap booking magazines and a designer for a major company was also referred to as breaking all the rules in scrap booking, and yet her work was very well liked.  As a teacher, I taught my students to break the rules ( I always emphasized- "ONLY in art"), but how else can you be original.

I have heard about the importance of consistency in a body of work, especially when it is going to be viewed by galleries.  They like to see that an artist can consistently produce a good work.  For example,  as in being known as a landscape artist, or abstract artist  or floral..... This is something that I was really bothered by in my own work as I was seeing myself working in various styles.  How was I ever going to be known with a particular style, with such a wide range of work.  I am much more comfortable with it now, in realizing that these are simply different avenues of expression.  Don't some musicians play more than one instrument?  actors play various roles... etc..,  An artist's work that I greatly admire is that of Manuela Valenti, click here to view.
If you'll take some time to view her blog you will find a wide range of styles being performed by the same artist.  Finding another artist who is actually known for her versatility brought me comfort in accepting mine.

There are many funny stories that I have heard from versatile artists.  One of them was that on her opening night, a solo show, a viewer turned to the artist and asked her "So,which one of these is yours?"
My story is that on the opening night of my solo show back in June I had a lady who stopped to compliment me on my work and commented on the various styles (abstract and realism) and then she said,  "I guess it's kinda like having artistic ADHD"   It did make me laugh- I had never thought of it that way and perhaps that is what it is.  I now no longer see versatility as a problem.  What I do see is the importance in consistency of quality.  I strive to take each piece to that point of excellence.  For some works it can happen rather quickly and for others there will be a struggle, but for all there needs to be a mark of a job well done.

As timing would have it, yet another change! .... these last two paintings have been different that any others in that I have some new liquid paints to slush around.  Ya, the walls and the floor in my studio are accumulating color splahes!   Spent yesterday afternoon on "Flamboyant" and  "Skedaddle"( yesterday's post) slinging some paint around and just having a lot of fun! A lot of emotion went into these- more of these to come.

And so what is next..... well, it's just recently hit me that I need to get ready for another show at Hawthorn's Gallery in December.  I've recently been working more with a warmer palette and fall colors,(it's the feeling of fall in the air), but would like to go back to working with the bright, bold and brilliant colors again, for the winter show  ..... also thinking about some watercolor abstracts... some more florals, ... pastels and charcoal have also been on my mind... mixed media..  and I'm even thinking about some pop art.  So what is one to do with all these ideas-well....hopefully create!!! and just go were the creative flow leads....

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kendra moberly said...

rebel or not, rule breaker or not, artistic ADHD or not - you are amazing!!! :-)

Color Splashes said...

awe... thank you, Kendra!

Manuela Valenti said...

Hi Elizabeth! I was just checking my stats and saw a link back to my blog, so I decided to take a look at what you wrote and wow! thank you so much for mentioning me! but one thing you have to consider which confuses many, is that style and subject matter are two different things. What you see as style in my blog is actually subject matter and style together. I always say I have two styles, abstraction and impressionism, but I do work in a variety of subject matter within each style. So within the same style of contemporary impressionism you would see the same type of brushwork and dynamic on the canvas, that's what style is. When galleries consider representing artists what they are looking for more than one subject matter (landscapes over figures for example) is consistency within the style, so from landscapes to figures to florals all three should have the same style.

The ADHD analogy is quite funny though! I prefer to say that I don't like to eat pizza everyday, so why would I want to paint the same stuff everyday? =0}

Fabulous, truly fabulous work you have here!

Best to you!