Sunday, July 26, 2009

lovely Sunday.....

Gigi kissing Suki

Beautiful Suki!

Awe... Grandpa and Suki

We are babysitting today..... yes that is right pugsitting. This is Elsie's new puppy pug Suki. Elsie was really needing to get some work done. sooo guess what? we love it, though. My original idea was to get ten pics of Suki and do a ten things I love about Sunday, ( you know the way Elsie does her Sunday blog) but this dog has sooooooo much energy. I could not get hardly get her to sit still. Gigi and her have been having circles of fun. She's spending the night.... should be a very interesting night and night!

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Cestandrea said...

Hi Elizabeth, just a little hello wishing you a great weekend. I'm following you and your beautiful art on daily painters abstract gallery, and love your art "handwriting":) Now I discovered your blog, paintings and these sweet dogs here:) I don't have dogs (living in Paris, we have a big tomcat, Oscar) but love them and especially pugs, and I'm also following this blogs here
(Nancy, the woman who works with them also paints) thought you'd like to have a look..

Have a wonderful weekend, greetings from Paris