Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Show

It's time!! The June First Friday Night Art Walk (June 5th) will be the opening night for my first ever solo show! Many of the pieces that will be in that show I have displayed over the last few weeks on my blog. Live music by Don Chapman and Jeremy Larson. I would like to thank Hawthorns Gallery for the wonderful opportunity they have given me and the review they gave for this opening, which can be read here. If you live in the Springfield area and would like to come, heres a map and I'll see you there!

"The Show" is an acrylic painting on a 36" x 48" 1 1/2" canvas. There is something that is lost in the photo when you can't see the size. Imagine it if you will- covering a wall (your wall!!) and the colors are so bright and happy! The colors are close. The canvas is just covered with beautiful color combinations and movement! (click on photo for up close) I love the colors!! It is one of my most recent pieces and so will not be included in this show. Maybe next time?! It was titled "The Show" by the one who so often titles my work, my husband, Don. It reminded him of theater lights and how so appropriate with this upcoming event. If you feel you may have the wall for this piece or for further information contact me. Well....hope to break a leg!!

To those of you who were involved in Elsie's 24 hour blogathon and won some of my paintings,I recieved your thank yous and you are sooooo00000 welcome. I'm sure they found good homes and will be enjoyed. Your comments were all so sweet- keep working on taking over the world with cuteness!!!!!

Daily Painters Abstract Elizabeth Chapman


photography4me said...

I seen your paintings over on Elsie's blog from your show last night and they are beautiful. Good Luck with everything. Angela

Color Splashes said...

Thank you Angela! I appreciate that.