Saturday, January 17, 2009

Blue Sky

Image size: 6" x 7"

Funny how things work. I've been seriously working with these realistic florals for the past three months, and just finished putting up this show on Thursday, when.... I get a call on Friday from a local gallery I had shown work to last October. They had expressed an interest in my abstract work but I had not heard from them since and so I had put many of my abstracts in along with the florals in this recent show when I get this call asking me if I would like to bring pieces in. What is funny, is that I've been feeling lately like switching over to working abstracts for awhile. So, I made an appointment to bring abstracts in end of February.

Abstracts is a different process of working for me. There is almost no pre-planning but alot of problem solving along the way. They can be frustrating in that I have no idea where it is going.
Any way, more on these later. I have a few more realistic florals to post and then abstracts. Perhaps the two will someday merge. (Abstract and Realistic) They both seem to be such extreme opposites that I don't really see how this could happen. There is a real feeling to playtime when I'm working in the abstract mode, and I guess I've been needing that lately.

For those of you who found me through Elsie's blog. We spent Friday helping to paint the furniture for her new store "Red Velvet Art". It is going to be such a cute, cute,cute store. It really has such a fun feeling to it, and so unique. So, that was my daily painting for Friday!


Tina said...

This is a beautiful painting. One of my favorite flowers are carnations (simple beauty that is underappreciated) and I know that this isn't, but it has a similar feel to them with the large bunches of petals. I like this a lot!

I am a huge fan of abstract art, although I lean more towards realism with most things that I do (whether painting or other art forms). I think I have a great admiration for abstract because I tend to have a perfectionist personality when it comes to things that *I* do, so it is difficult for me to let loose and 'paint outside the lines' so to speak. I have always admired artists who can so freely create in abstract without those hesitations and the constant struggle with not conforming that I experience with it. I would love to see some of your abstract work, and I look forward to it in the future.

Fan of Elsie's here too, and I'm excited for RVA (I follow the RVA blog as well as hers). This store is going to be SO fun, and I'm sure an amazing experience for everyone involved. I hope that there will be more pictures of the interior of the store eventually! I really wish that I lived closer and were able to visit, especially for the grand opening! Send my love and good wishes to Elsie and friends for me.

And congratulations to you again, on the new interest from this gallery seeking our work! What a huge compliment!

Allison :-) said...

Funnily enough I was going to ask if you only painted florals or did you do other types of paintings....but you answered that for me lol.
I am looking forward to seeing some of your abstracts!!!!