Friday, November 21, 2008

Give Thanks

Such a busy week. We had a birthday celebration for our daughter Elsie on Sunday. I started a new abstract painting for her new store opening in February. (I've posted the start of this, and have now committed myself to completing for the next post) I also learned a new watercolor painting technique, working on hot press paper. I am really enjoying the feel of the paper.
This morning we went Turkey shopping in preparation for all the Thanksgiving cooking. I love it!
This is a good week to begin reflecting on all that we can be thankful for, especially during these economically difficult times. It is good to dwell on the positives and not the negatives.
Have a very happy thanksgiving!!

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Steve Rodli said...

Hi Elizabeth,I'm going through all your post and saw what you started for Elsie and wondered how red velvet swatches stitched with floss would look running throughout the piece with maybe the words red velvet art trailing along side the swatches in some way? Happy happies. Joyce