Saturday, November 29, 2008


I posted several weeks the first piece that I believe I will always remember as my breakthrough piece. It was one of those that when it was completed I was in awe. (I might say so where others in my household!) I've been painting everyday for the six months. That is how long it has taken for this to occur. I believe I now have just begun. If you go back several weeks in my blog you will see this one. It is entitled "Snow White" My sister-in-law saw it over Thanksgiving and just loved it. It just so happens that I drew her name, so that one will get framed and will be her Christmas present. Since then I've been painting some really nice pieces. Last week, I spoke about committing to a particular style. It seems to be that this style and subject matter has chosen me. I am going to start my own daily paintings on this blog. If at anytime you are interested in any one of these paintings, I can be contacted through my e-mail address.

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