Friday, December 21, 2018

Two is Better Than One

Magical Lights
8 x 10 inch

All That Fluff
8 x 10 inch

Magical Lights and All That Fluff


Current workplace is on a table. I have different work spaces for various types of work that I do. A table for paper paintings, an easel for canvases and a wall for unstretched canvases. What I have never thought about is that maybe it's a mood that decides which space to use. This one is still, quiet, with dimmer lights whereas with an easel there's music, dancing and brighter lights. Ever thought about your various work spaces? 

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EPS said...

amazing artworks... beautiful

Philadelphia Private Detectives

Luthor Cooper said...

I like your art you are so talented, im so excited about your new artwork. keep it up

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david kid said...

what a piece of art!, this is so amazing, thanks for sharing this wonderful blog :)

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Bethlehem Private Detective said...

wow! this art is very interesting,i wish i could do this too, thanks for sharing this really inspires me to try it too.