Saturday, December 30, 2017

Abstract Painting "Igneous" by Elizabeth Chapman

Acrylic on 30" x 40" canvas


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I'm ready for a new year! How about you?! New beginnings are exciting. I'm looking forward to posting about my new painting challenge. It is something that just came to my mind one day and as I began to toss the idea around I found my self becoming inspired. But before I do that, I thought I might squeeze this painting in as it is a more recent one that did not get posted.

As I look at it and see myself having worked with a lot of neutral colors, I am reminded of when I first began seriously painting back almost ten years ago, all color and no neutrals. I know how could that be. Well, I would purchase paint much like going to a candy store. Oh, that looks good, I like that one and that one! I painted for a few years before I realized that I had never even purchased one tube or jar of white!  Many of these colors were already tinted, but still. It was all out color!

Are you ready for a funny story?...well I guess it was...kinda.

I still remember the first painting, Indian Summer where I intentionally set out to use white.  I posted about it in 2009: HERE.  The previous year I had resigned from my position as a high school art teacher to pursue this art thing. Well, it didn't take off quite as quickly as i needed it to, so I had taken a part time job in a floral store.  I was critiqued to no end for using to many white flowers(I had about 3 or 4) in the first floral arrangement that I did by myself.  I was like, your kidding me. really. I'm gone.

I set out to prove that white could be used with color and that it would not be overpowering.  That original painting was a success! My daughter Elsie, knew that and snatched it up.  That one painting led to three more similar commissioned paintings, two of which where large and one the same size.  My first commissioned painting "Better Two" were (2) 30" x 50" panels created for a young couple in my hometown of Springfield, Mo. A few years later I would paint a 48" x 48" from this same color palette for a couple's dining room on the east coast.

So, I guess I should say thank you...for telling me I used to many white flowers!

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